How to build a gaming PC for beginners?

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How to build a gaming PC for beginners?

Being a PC user or a gamer, you spend a lot of time surfing the best parts of the system. Upgrading the old system is immersive, but building the all-new gaming PC will demand your experience more than anything. If you want to spend your time and investment in the right place, it should be your priority to look for how to build a gaming PC for beginners; when we say new build, quality matters to perform stunningly in the winning battle. The gaming gear is crucial because it lasts longer than any phone, can boost more power than a console, and is more versatile than a much more powerful streaming box. Gamers should be aware of the technology they want within their unique build.

Are you typing the documents, editing the videos, gaming an online platform, or cranking the settings? Undoubtedly, PC gaming is the best tool for the latest and most stunning games. Have you seen its regular maintenance? Well! These systems could win unmatched performances lasting for five years with regular updates. As an expert, you can build one of the best, but what about beginners? We are here to guide everyone who wishes for their build-up gear. Before starting to know about the parts to build the gear, wait for a moment. Ask yourself what your requirements are. What do you want to build or upgrade to leave the previous one? What is your goal, and how will you manage hundreds of specifications between dozen pieces?

Parts need to build a gaming PC

Computer components:

Before we start our way to building the powerful and responsive gaming PC, let us guide you that you will need at least seven significant parts. These are the requirements to proceed with the process. Let us explain and introduce them one by one.

Parts need to build a gaming PC

Conceiving a machine

We know many projects get your attention in minutes and bounds you to do them with complete interest and focus. Let us grab your attention with one more immersive project: building a gaming pc for beginners with stunning components. It is not less worthy than any creative project. Well! You may get confused about where to start with the thousands of components available in the market. You may not believe that some strategies of others to build the gaming PC are less helpful than ours. We have brought the simplest way to build the PC. First, you must ask yourself some quick questions about why and what you want to have in a new build. When you get the answers, follow your requirements to find the best compatibility.

We prefer to build the all-new machine in person because the latest features bring too much fun and stunning performances. We want to run the latest games without any disruption on the battlefield. Your gaming gear should be powerful enough to run at a higher level like any Xbox or PS station. Well! When we have searched for the best technology, we have listed the powerful and significant performing components for you. If you already have some valuable components, do not burden your budget; only invest in critical things like motherboard, graphics card, CPU, etc.

How to shop for parts

After crossing many hurdles, you are here to know about how to shop the set parts for the astounding gaming PC. Being a beginner, you must be afraid and confused about many technologies in the market. Well! We have bought it by searching it on multiple platforms. Many online sites offer you these components on a pocket-friendly budget. Do not worry about the quality as the sites have brought the cheapest to lavished pieces. You can search it from different sites as the products available range from in-demand brands to the average ones. Ask yourself what you want and your budget to get the best compatibility. If you disagree with them, you can buy these components directly from the organizations for your satisfaction.

GPU: Nvidia GeForce 3070

As we have explained, the significance of the GPU before this. It is the main thing to start with for building the gaming PC. When choosing the graphics card, you have two stunning choices: Nvidia and AMD. Both are outclassing in features and performance and cover the big community. Choose the one to start the process; if you are confused, read out their advantages and disadvantages. We prefer the Nvidia graphics cards if you want to go with our build. Looking forward to our budget, we have selected the powerful GeForce 3070 from many other choices of Nvidia. If you are curious to ask why we have not bought the older one, it is so because we want the outclass gaming graphics. View Nvidia GeForce 3070 at Amazon

CPU: Intel Core i7-10700

No one can replace the brain with anything else. Do not bother yourself by confusion with the term brain. The CPU works as a brain to control all the commands in gear. What if the brain is not doing well? It will ruin everything, task and affects the performance. It is controversial which processor is doing best in the market. We have found that the latest Intel Core i7-10700 is a powerful CPU that is getting the attention of a massive audience.

It is excellent compatibility for the GeForce 3070 for the epic performance. It will maximize the overclocking of the system to bring out the astonishing gaming. We are choosing this one because it is not heavy to pocket to disturb the budget for other components. You will have the exceptional benefit of having this processor as it has bought its cooling unit. It will not bother you with the high power consumption to run the system. View Intel Core i7-10700 at Amazon

RAM: HyperX Predator DDR4 32 GB, 3200 MHz

Everyone must be waiting to know about the complex selection of the RAM. Undoubtedly, the market has introduced multiple variations of memories. Well! You have the options between 16 Gb up to 128 GB of RAM. You can also check the speed availability mentioned in the specifications. These memories have a speed from 3000MHz up to 4800MHz. Higher RAM and speed will cost more to your pocket. In addition, investing in higher memory could be more beneficial. Having a higher memory without concern for high speed is a good decision. It is so because many systems cannot handle the higher speeds of the RAMs. View HyperX Predator DDR4 32 GB at Amazon

Storage: WD Blue NAND 2 TB SSD

Let us guide you more about something interesting with crucial and compatible storage for your system. Here we have a contrast of sayings we should go for whether we need to buy a large or a small SSD for Windows. But when it comes to the storage of games, then controversy moves towards the large HDD. If you want to follow our method, then the choice is yours. We have selected the storage by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the multiple products. 

As you know, the PS stations and Xbox perform exceptionally with the SSDs. We prefer to use the SSD for our gaming PC to not compromise on less advanced performance. You may confuse whether one SSD is enough or you have to get two. Well! One small storage is enough for the gear’s files and more significant games. View WD Blue NAND 2 TB at Amazon

Motherboard: MSI MPG Z490M Gaming Edge

What do you know about buying the motherboard? What do you look for to satisfy your requirements? Well! It varies from one to other than what you are getting for your gaming PC build. Let’s focus on our way of selecting the motherboard with great features and performance. Well! As mentioned above, the circuit board should be invested after the components. As we know what type of motherboard we want, we are investing in a card with built-in Wi-Fi, a potent CPU socket, perfect RAM alignment, USB slots, and more. Okay! Now we have to select the size of the card. The market offers you full-size, mid-range, mini circuit boards. We have decided to proceed with the full-sized ATX card to adjust the components easily. MSI is known for its motherboard quality, immersive aesthetics, and features. So we have chosen the MSI MPG Z490M Gaming Edge to enjoy the unmatched gaming performance. View MSI MPG Z490M Gaming Edge at Amazon

Power Supply: Corsair TX-M Series TX650M

Let’s start to know the selection and settling of the power supply. It is the most significant part that you should never neglect in a hassle. The in-demand power supply is compulsory to run the gear. Do you know that systems generate too much heat in performing multitasking and playing heavy games? It can damage the hardware of the system and can minimize its performance. It all can happen with a single wrong decision. You should acknowledge how much power the gear components will consume to run smoothly. We suggest you choose the power supply with a margin to perform well because buying the massive one will only take more money and will not be helpful. If we follow our needs, Corsair TX-M series TX650M is excellent compatibility with our gear’s components. View Corsair TX-M Series TX650M at Amazon

Case: Corsair 4000D Tempered Glass

Okay! It’s time to end up the selection of the components with the aesthetic case. Why do you need a case? Well! You can build an open gaming PC, but having a case can protect the parts in a better way. Like it will save the system from getting dusty. The outclass design of the case can add glamor to your gear’s aesthetics. We will suggest you invest in the Corsair 4000D Tempered Glass case. What else do you want when you have this beauty with the USB- C input at the front? Ensure the USB ports are on the front, as your motherboard has USB options at the front. That’s why you would have the proper connections. View Corsair 4000D at Amazon

Putting it all together

It’s time to start the main thing, which is building a gaming pc for beginners with complete guidelines. We are here to help you assemble the gaming PC’s various components. We hope you may not face the hurdles most beginners encounter on the first attempt. Alright! You need a copy of Windows 10, depending on the software you will have in your system. We will make the gear according to the components we ask for in the market. If you are building the system at home, you can order them online and get the required things to start. It should be simple for you as we must build it first and test the gear to show results.

If you are doing it independently, you can follow the steps with the components that might be changed in features and work better than ours. Okay! Now we are confident that we get what we want in our components. Let us start building the all-new gaming gear without wasting a single minute. We are not saying that our components are more excellent than anyone else or that we are doing exceptionally than others. But we believe that our components and machine will provide the outclass gaming platform that will win the battles in a short disruption-free time. Maybe your components could be better than ours, and you can make them better budget. That’s the point; everyone has their own opinions about anything like building the PC with components that might be better in your sight.

Take stock of your parts

We know you are doing it attentively, but there is a short remainder before building the gaming PC. You must have a robust motherboard, a powerful CPU, a GPU, RAMs, power supply, storage, and a case. Undoubtedly, we have to modify some parts based on what does dealer have in his stock. In addition, you will need two small mini screwdrivers for the Phillips’s head and flathead. You should keep the flashlight on to see the internal parts clearly to use your phone’s flashlight. What else do you need to have with you? Well! Some extra thermal paste and rubbing alcohol would help in case but are not compulsory. It depends on the parts you have bought for the gaming build.

Moreover, we have aesthetics that keep us grounded with excellent build and performance. While few builders in the market promise anti-static bracelets, they are not helpful in daily life. In contrast, using a meta mixing bowl is an all-important tool that should be ample to any user. Are you curious to know why we are saying the bowl? Well! You can put screws and other various connectors so that they can be safe from the struggle of loss. 

When you have all of your pieces of equipment do, you can say you are ready to take a start. Set the three to four hours when you start to build the setup.

Clean your workspace

Clean your workspace

Well! This step is essential, but many guiders may neglect it to explain the actions. But whenever you start to build an all-new gaming PC, you will choose an area for that. Clean that area first for setting the gear there. For long, flat wooden surfaces are considered to be ideal, while wood can get scratches. You should be careful when you deal with any sharp or heavy components. If you see any dust there, clean it or sweep that area. If you are thinking of why you need to clean the place, it is, so PC components need to be cleaned. Your build will start on the wrong foot when the floor is dirty. In addition, you will wish to save the electricity builds then never build on a carpet.

Get Windows ready

Get Windows ready

Well! It is a crucial step but easy to overlook. In contrast, it might become harder to do after encountering it. Open a new tab, and make a bootable USB drive for Windows 10. We do not go so far that we get the license and install the Window in the process. We do so because there are many variables involved in the process. You should have some Windows versions; if you weren’t, you might be stuck at the BIOS. It will make you do nothing more within the process.

Install the CPU

Install the CPU

Undoubtedly, you are aware of many steps that are involved in the process of building the PC. Well! Installing the CPU is crucial and needs a complete focus, but its installation depends on your components. Most significantly, it depends on which type of motherboard you have, whether it’s an AMD or an Intel chip. Apart from this, a CPU socket is mounted on the motherboard’s upper part. 

You need to lift the bolt, fit the CPU into that place, then replace the bolt. You should not try to fit it in with force because it has a design that allows it to fit in only one way; if it doesn’t, something is wrong. The only hurdle we faced was that replacing the bolt needed more force than we expected to lift it. You may feel some resistance, but something is out of place if the bolt looks like it’s about to break.

Install the CPU cooler

Install the CPU cooler

Do you know how much focus and expertise are needed to install the CPU cooler perfectly? Here we have faced some most significant issues in running the system’s cooler. Do you know why the CPU cooler is among the vital parts? It is so that no one will like to build a system that can not work well during heat dissipation. Undoubtedly, there are many guides about installing the CPU cooler right after the CPU for ease of understanding. But we have decided to use the liquid cooling system instead of investing in a processor fan. We know both users have a conflict about the pros and cons. The comparison between air and liquid cooler would need their articles.

Moreover, if you have a standard CPU fan, you need to connect it and move on to the next step. While installing the liquid cooling system demands something more. It must be attached to your case with a fan and heatsink, which means your motherboard should be in place. We have found the solution to resolve the installation issues of the cooler. We noticed that the users highly ask whether the fan or the radiator needs to be screwed into the case. If you go further with us, we must say that opens up another hole about your requirement, the many fans you need, and where you want to place them.

We want to add something more at the end of the instructions about this step. If you want to go for a fan, install it at this point. But if you have a liquid cooling system, you should install the backplate and save the fan hookup for later usage. Let us clear that the specifications here will vary, so follow the manual’s instructions within the product.

Insert the RAM

Insert the RAM

You should become more attentive to the instructions when you approach this step. RAM is the most frantic part of the PC construction after mounting some crucial elements. If you are newbies who will install the RAM for the first time, then it is an easy way to upgrade your PC. There is nothing to worry about; you need to find out the RAM slots that may be four or six unlock the slots clutch. Now you should figure out which RAM module should be placed.

If you are still confused, let us clear the term module; you need to focus on the small asymmetrical hole mounted in the bottom to fit it perfectly. The market has many motherboards optimized for the RAM in the second and fourth slots. Your slots may vary following your motherboard requirements. Ensure the RAM is snapped from both sides and can not be fitted incorrectly.

Plug in your storage

Before knowing about the storage adjustment, you should learn about what it is. Well! Storage is the term that refers to the potent solid state drives, or you can call the hard disk drives. They are many with distinct physical configurations. It depends on you what you have bought for your system. It might be possible that you need to attach one mini M.2 SSD directly to the motherboard. In other aspects, it is also possible that you might need to have a colossal HDD in a drive bay.

If we come back to our way of setting up, it is not difficult to plug the drive into the system. Each type of drive has its dedicated slot on the motherboard or bay in your case. You only have to do a simple thing which is screwing it into the proper configuration and attaching some significant cables. Always prefer your instruction manual to be your first guide.

Install the motherboard

Install the motherboard

Now it’s time to connect the motherboard to your case. We suggest you technically join the motherboard to your system at any time in the process of the PC build. But it will be good for you to get all the pieces of equipment installed before you lock your hardware into a frame. You will be glad to start attaching the motherboard because it is less effortless than connecting other components. It is so because there’s only one method to fit it into the case. As you see, it has nine screws, and my case has standoffs.

The small screws are mounted to keep a distance between the motherboard and the case. If you have the one that doesn’t match ours, then assure the attachment of the standoffs if you don’t want direct contact of the motherboard with the metal case frame. You can take any electrician’s help if you are unsure how to attach the standoffs. We faced no hurdle in this step, although we have used the mini washers with the screws. Many experienced PC builders are also confused in conveying the exact thing about this, so we suggest you use your judgment.

Install the GPU

Install the GPU

Here we go for another essential installation step of the PC build. Well! Everyone has concerned with the importance of GPU in any build. Let’s move on to the main point: installing a GPU can vary depending on the system’s design, size, and power consumption. We were working with the powerful Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 if we take it as an example because it works best with the motherboard’s PCIe slot and can take a single 8-pin power cable. It becomes effortless when you install the GPU for a large and complex device.

The only trouble we faced was getting the large card to adjust in a narrow, dark PCIe slot on the motherboard. You can not apply any trick here; it just ensures the holding of the GPU with the latch is kept in the downward position. You should remove the two slots at the back of the case to make room for the hardware. When you have done the alignment, click it in the place with a little force.

Hook up the power supply

Maybe it is not a fun part for some users to hook up the power supply of the gaming PC. Apart from fun and interest, connecting the power supply is crucial and needs complete focus. Well! Every case has a built-in location for the PSU setup. Because of the predetermined area, you should not worry about finding where you would fit it in the case. The challenging thing is knowing about the wires, which need to be connected, and how to align them.

You must ensure that your PSU has one cable to power the motherboard. 

In contrast, one to power the CPU and one for any other component. Do not attach the cable to power other parts directly to the motherboard. It includes the GPU, HDD, and SSD that consume power to run correctly. We have faced a hurdle: the wire was stuck in a narrow space after screwing the PSU. We suggest you check that the cables are free and clear before screwing the PSU.

Connect (and prettify) your cables

Undoubtedly, you need to connect the cables in the PC build to avoid the mess. Connecting the wires is not the most challenging part of the PC build. But it is the part that requires manual agility. In this step, everything that is not connected directly to the motherboard, you should plug into the motherboard or PSU. The device may be a GPU, audio ports, fans, USB, storage, etc. The users have good news: every cable has a port on the motherboard or the power supply unit. While the bad news is that text often gets tiny, and you may need to do some gymnastics to fit everything together. 

You should remember to connect the cables to the power source. You should do this to clear the fans' path and avoid the cross wires. In addition, the latest cases in the market have built-in routes for cables along the back. The more the area is clear more the air can flow in the case to cool down the hardware, which means the epic performance is lying ahead.

Boot up and go

Have you followed all the instructions without doing any wrong steps that may cause the disruption? If you have yes to the instructions, get ready to boot up your gear with the proper connection of cables. Just press the power button to boot the PC. If you have followed our method, you should be able to install Windows. After this step, your PC is now a standard operating system. So lets the fun begin and start running games on it.

Troubleshoot your gear (Optional)

Being a beginner, if you have followed all steps carefully and consulted the instructions manual, you should have all-new gaming PC. the gear must be completely functional after completion. Moreover, if you face any issue in running the PC, you should know how to resolve the problem. Of course, you are new; we will guide you first on how to find the troubleshoot and which solution will be helpful to you. Okay! I’ll recommend you a little bit more about how to discover the flaws in your system. But let me clarify first that you have built all-new gear, so it should work without disruption. You may have limited time for the hardware warranties if it does not perform. 

Apart from this, many things can go wrong with a gaming PC; here are some common ones mentioned in the list. Before repacking your components, you must check out this list and start requesting the shipping labels. Let’s start:

We are hoping for the best that it will be helpful and inspiring for beginners to pick up the parts and make their gaming gears. Building a gaming PC is not as simple and easy as it looks. But when you have done all the process with great focus and determination, the reward of gaming build must be cherished by you. The actual gaming lovers know how adorable it is to have a PC that wins the battlefield without disruption. If we say you must admit a warning during the process, bring the Band-Aids. It is so; you may face finger cuts in settling the system parts.

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