How to Build a PC for Beginners?

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How to Build a PC for Beginners?

Building a PC for beginners is tricky and needs some basic information to achieve the desired setup. Before making a PC, you should know how to do it. You should know the basic steps and instruments you need to build a brand new PC for gaming or other purposes.

Why should you build your PC?

Why should you build your PC

Before building your appliance, why should you have to make your PC? You can also buy them from the shops or order them online. But if you want to build everything of your own choice in the PC, or you want one of your requirements, it is then essential to make for yourself according to your own needs. Then you can fit graphics, hardware, and motherboard of the brand you are of the latest model.

What do you need to build a PC?

What do you need to build a PC

You need to put different things in the PC to complete its manufacturing. Some of them are necessary, and some of them are not that important. Here are some other crucial PC parts, which are given in detail.

PC Parts List:


The CPU, the central processing unit, is the main part of the PC. It gives instructions to the software running on the PC. There are CPUs of different brands available in the market. It is also essential to know about the CPU as it directly links with the question of how to build a PC for beginners, which is a central point in the current technology world. The most popular brands are Intel and AMD. They both are of different features and budgets. Every person needs a CPU according to their needs; there are various models of both brands at different prices, and you should select one of your needs in your budget. The main difference is connectivity; there are other sockets connecting both brands.


Intel uses an LGA socket with pins different from the pins in the standard socket. They are pretty easy to connect. It is a pad-like socket with hooks on it. AMD uses the PGA, which are different types of sockets. It contains regularly arranged pins that are apart from each other in a regular manner. It may or may not cover the whole surface of the chip. In terms of quality, their model shows the difference. Some are entry-level, and some are of high quality.

The high-quality one shows high core counts and ample memory space to install your favorite hard-core games. There are core and threads in the CPUs. Mostly they have core count, but recent CPUs also add thread count. Thread count is the completion of core counts; it has more cores that enable the CPU’s software to run faster and more efficiently. Adding up more substances adds 30% more performance to work. If you are playing a live game session and want a smooth result, select the thread with more cores for a more effective outcome.

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CPU Cooler:

Most users buy CPUs for work and playing games. Many users have heavy workloads, and gamers play hardcore games. Most often, the CPU gets warm and may damage other components and can also switch off the system. To avoid all these problems, CPUs have coolers with heat sinkers to maintain the system’s temperature. So you can work for hours on the PC. The longer hours of work cause too much heat. So it’s better to use more efficient coolers of high quality.

The cooling systems are enough to meet the demands of the users. These coolers are of two types, and their classification depends upon the medium they use. One is air dependent, and the other is liquid dependent. Depending upon the airflow direction and the style, air dependencies are further divided into the updraft, downdraft, and tower-style. We can classify them by looking at them or by using them. Buyers must select the one that completely fulfills their circumstances and needs.

CPU Cooler

When choosing the best cooler for you, you need to look at three things most important.

The first thing to look at is the bracket. You should select the shelf of the cooler that corresponds to the CPU socket so the connection is accurate and exact.

The other thing is the thermal design power. Every system supports a different thermal design power. This TDP( thermal design power) indicates the range of heat output. More powerful systems have more intentions to control the temperature of the PC. A better cooling system ensures more stable temperature regulation.

The last and essential thing is the size of the heat sinkers and all the other cooling systems. You must select the components that match and fit into your processor. It works precisely and accurately, so you don’t have to worry about other members' space.

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There are many names for this component in the PC. One of them is the mainboard. As the name shows, it is the central system of the PC, and also it shows the main functions. It is the center of the computer’s body, which connects to other components like the keyboard, mouse, other networks, graphics card, memory cards, hard drives, and much more.

Motherboards also come in sizes, shapes, and weights according to the size of the PC. They are available in three dimensions which are mini-ITX(17 cm x 17 cm), micro-ATX(24.4 cm x 24.4 cm), and ATX(30.5cm x 24.4cm). Now after the size of the motherboard. For every CPU, there are specific chipsets that support them. The chipset is the component in the motherboard that allows connectivity to it. They provide different connectivity options. The more expensive chipset collects more useful features and characteristics.


There are many different types of chipsets to make the command more understandable. There are also other numbers of chipsets; the higher the number, the more options for functionalities the motherboard will have. The most famous brands of CPUs are Intel and AMD; each has its specific models of chipsets. The 10th gen CPUs support B460, H470, Z490, and Z590 chipsets. Z490 among them is the only one that supports CPU and overclocking systems. For the AMD brand, there are other different models of chipsets. B550 or X570 chipset greatly supports the high-quality Ryzen chipset. B550 or older X470 or B450 chipsets can pair up with the mid-quality or standard chipset.

Overclocking is the property that helps the computer to run fast. All the CPU models of AMD AM4 and Ryzen have the property of overclocking, and the memory of the motherboard is also overclockable. Hence, it helps the system to run fast, and the availability of this property is on every related motherboard. Now, if you get a motherboard that supports overclocking properties, you should also have advanced properties for them. A motherboard that supports an overclocking system may require dual ATX 8pin for the CPU. Before continuing the system, you should ensure that the power available is enough for the system to run fast and smoothly.

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Memory ( RAM ):

Now, if you have to store the data on the PC for personal or professional usage, you should need something. For this, we have memory in the system, also called the RAM. RAM, random access memory, is a component in the computer that enables you to store the data and the actual hardcore gaming setup. The most recent version is DDR4, and this latest model is more applicable to your PC than previous ones. The DDR4 RAM or any other model may also come with RGB lightning, making your desktop or computer more unique and efficient. Now the amount of memory in the RAM system is also an important thing to count.

Now you have to judge how significant of a memory you need according to your need. If you have to run heavy applications and gaming setups, you need more GBs of memory. Lower memory systems cause the system to run slowly. Now the figure starts from 2 GB and moves up to 64 GB. The average amount is 8 GB. But it would be best if you went for 16 GB to run the PC in more responsive mode and make the opening of the computer more smooth and fast. But if you want to run hardcore games or if you’re going to edit photos or videos and add graphics to them at a professional level, then go for 32 or 64 GB RAM to meet your needs and make the work quicker and easier.


The standard common(default) speed of RAM is 2133 or 2400 megahertz, which comes at first boost when you switch on the system. You should always install the RAM on the computer when the system is off. If you want to increase the BIOS speed of the system, enable the XMP setting to gain a more smooth and speedy result. It leads you to the highest speed of your RAM, and the top speed of the RAM ever in the PC is 5000 megahertz. The given option is unavailable for the 10th gen CPU and also not for the Z490 motherboard. If you have an overclocking system, you should do that first and install an XMP setting for the fastest response.

And about gaming, it also leaves a significant impact on it. When frequency increases, it substantially affects the per unit speed of the work. You should select the RAM size according to your need and benefit. 16 GB RAM is most suitable, but you must choose the one that fulfills your work’s circumstances. And if you are a gamer, you will need much more memory than the ordinary one for professional purposes. And in personal use, it depends upon the size of the game or application you are running on the PC. If you don’t want your computer to run slow, level up the memory system. Fix the speed of the work by fixing the amount of memory.

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Graphics card ( GPU ):

It is defined as a card that fits in the PCIe slot and shows the clear graphics of the photos and videos on the PC. The control system of challenging and complex graphic components, high memory images, videos, and different objects and texts is in the hands of the GPU. It analyzes all these things, solves the complex form into a more straightforward form, and sends all these results to the system’s central processor. Knowing this card’s basic information is essential for the question of how to build a PC for beginners to make the best possible system for professional and personal work. The PC’s motherboard may also have other slots that work like graphics cards, but their result is acceptable or not up to the mark. It includes HDMI, DisplayPort, or VGA ports, and the controlling system is from or integrated from GPU. It controls the details of the primary applications of the system.

Graphics card

If we talk about professional-level gaming, these cards are not even near the challenging care gaming when they are at the highest FPS or their maximum level. Now, if we talk about the manufacturing brands of the graphics card, they are NVIDIA and AMD; they both have their specific models of GPU. Regarding the quality, they range from the standard quality model to the high-end model, which performs according to their series. And for NVIDIA, the 3000-series gives more smooth and better performance than the 2000-series. There are three levels of the sequence of the model, which are the entry-level RTX 3070(entry-level), powerful RTX 3080(powerful), and RTX 3090(high end). AMD begins with the lower level model Radeon RX 5500 XT and goes up to the normal range RX 5600 & and the 5700 XT. Further, if you go to the high-end quality model, they are Radeon RX 6800, Radeon RX 6800 XT, and Radeon RX 6900 XT, which are of high quality.

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Storage ( SSD, HDD ):

Another essential factor in the PC is storage. There are different storage files in the computer, SATA m.2, NVMe, or STD drives available on the computer. The most common data storage is the hard drives, which extend to other devices. The evolution of storage is from the hard drive. It stores your essential data on spinning disks. If you have to collect and store data up to 20 terabytes, you should have a hard drive of up to 8 terabytes. And it is enough to work with a driver with a workload of up to 20 terabytes. And the cost paid for it is also reliable to afford that. To transfer the data up to 140 to 180 terabytes, you must need more robust drives to make the system move swiftly.


It would help if you leveled up the speed of SSDs and the m.2 drives. The storage is solid; they need memory to store data, such as SSDs and m.2 drives. But other DDR4 RAM storage needs the power to store data in them. They empty themselves when there is no power connection. SSDs and m.2 drivers require no ability to do their work. If you see the link of the SSDs, you can see that it uses the same connection that the hard drive uses, the SATA connector. If we talk about the high-end drivers, they can read and analyze the speed commands to 500 megabytes per second or even more. And if you compare it with a typical hard drive, it is triple the speed of that component. Its affordable capacity goes up to 2 terabytes, or it may reach four terabytes depending upon the need of the work.

If you want more detail on SSD, it is known as the type memory cell in which one cell is known as the single memory cell, two cells are multi memory cells, and three are triple memory cells, and they are the common types of them. The four types of cells are called the quad memory cell. Modern technology introduces the layering memory cell, the 3D Nand memory cell. It has high density and makes the work and performance of the SSD memory cell more helpful. The laptop technology mSATA connector was available in the market for laptops. Still, now these drivers are available in the form of m.2 drivers you know about today and are also available in modern PCs.

Now every technology in the computers increases from time to time, the new versions directly connect with the motherboard PCIe lanes, and it has a significant impact on the speed of the work; they provide more speed of performance and make the job smooth. They are also known as PCIe m.2 drives. Suppose we talk about the latest technology generation, Gen 3; its speed reaches from 3500 to 3000 megabytes per second. The fourth gen increases the rate to 7000 megabytes per second of work for reading and 5000 for writing. And now, if we compare it with the previous generation, it clearly shows a big difference with technological development.

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Power Supply ( PSU ):

The Power supply is the most crucial factor in the running PC, as it converts the voltages from AC to DC of the different components of the personal computer. It converts the voltages of the computer’s motherboard, mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals. Converting the voltages allows the PC to work. Now the different models of the brands require different amounts of power supply for performing activities. Word files, like web pages, word documents, and excel files, can work on 500 to 600 watts. Now, if we talk about the NVIDIA GPUs, the latest and the last generation of the RTX 2000 series need 650 to 750 watts to perform the function. The newest PC generation is RTX 3080 GPU, which requires 750 watts for its performance. And the high-quality RTX 3090 needs 850 watts or even more than that, depending upon the workload. AMD GPU systems need power, and the requirement of it increases with the increase in the model. For example, a Radeon RX 6800 needs 650 watts, the RX 6800 XT needs 750 watts, and the latest Radeon RX 6900XT needs 850 watts. Now for the safe work site, there should be enough connectors. You should check whether your PSU has enough connectors for connection or not.

Power Supply

For the connection, some processors have dual ATX 8 pins, or an 8 plus 4 design is available for CPU power. For further upgradability, select one processor with dual ATX 8pin. Also, the vision card in the computer needs the same dual ATX pin pattern, and most suppliers have this pattern of ATX pins. And note that CPU and PCI 6+2 connectors may look the same, but they won’t fit each other’s sockets. Now count the efficiency according to the material of the supplier. Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and titanium have differences in efficiency. The bronze has 82 percent efficiency, increasing up to 92% in the titanium. The given material also differs in price; as the performance with efficiency increases, the cost of the component also increases. There are also modular power supplies. It makes your function more accessible and reliable. Because it enrolls all the wiring components in itself and reduces the cable cutter and thus the wiring is more accessible and reliable. And if we look at the connectors of CPU and PCI 6 plus 2, they may look alike, but their sockets are different and don’t fit into each other. Now with the detail above, you can easily select the power supply of your own choice.

It is also essential; every efficiency above 80 is regular and reliable. The efficiency of 80 above bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and titanium is standard and up to the mark. The latest titanium model provides efficiency above 90%, which is the highest number and shows high-quality performance. Now the design of the power supply is also essential to know before fitting it into the PC. They are in three formats; One is the complete modulator, Semi modulator, and the non-modulator. Each of them shows different properties. Its cable cutter is less, so it offers functions like the great flow of air, fully customizable of your own choice; also, it is easy to install, has low-temperature regulation, and has a good appearance by look. The semi-modular has fantastic airflow and an impressive look with good cable management. Also, its PSU is easy to replace with another one, although its customizable options are limited. Now for the non-modular, due to its lousy cable management, the temperature may rise, and has inadequate airflow. Its main problem is the wiring which makes it look busy, and when we switch PSU, you need to remove all the cables and then connect them to another. Also, there is no option for customization in it.

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Now, when all the internal parts are done, there is a need to cover all these parts. So for this, we need a cover on them which is called the case of the PC. People select the one by their taste in the PC or matching with other parts of the computer. But before choosing, you need to look at some factors. The first thing is that the case should have excellent airflow, so the case creates no burden in the passage of fan mounting spots in the computer. So the temperature regulation is good from wide ends of the case, and then the air will first filter and then enter into the system, and thus the airflow will be dust free. The other most important thing is the size. Some motherboards have a considerable measure of ATX and cannot fit in the minor case; hence you have to select the one case that exactly fits in the PC.

Smaller micro-ATX or mini-ATX sizes can fit the smaller components. Now also, the third thing to look at is the GPU size. The latest case provides its size up to 33 centimeters at max, so you have to adjust it according to its size. And now, for the SSDs and hard drives, it is essential to look for free space in the mounting to know how to build a PC for beginners to make it more perfect, and the size should be enough to make the perfect device for beginners. Also, for more effective results of the CPU cooling, the more excellent height should be in the millimeters, so it cannot block the passage of the warm air, and it can easily hence regulate the temperature of the system. But the actual coolers should be slightly lower than this installed CPU cooler.

When we talk about the liquid cooling system, the radiator needs a point to set on the case so that you can check the mounting locations from the top or back. The top is the best location for temps as the road will exhaust directly outside the case. Never mount a rad at the bottom of the case; the pump should never be at the very top of a liquid loop as the small amount of air in the loop will want to pool there, reducing the CPU cold plate and pump efficiency. Finally, case construction. Tempered glass panels show off the internals but add considerable weight. The tightening of the fasteners on the case should not be more than the limit to avoid any damage and try to install it with total care. With these factors in mind, you can choose the case to fit your style.

There will be differences in the liquid and air cooling systems. So, the place should not exceed 240 or 360 millimeters and should not mount either from the top or front of the case. The top of the matter is the best position to sink out all the warm heat from the system and enter it into the environment so it remains cool and the temperature remains low. So now you know the reason, so you should never put the system at the bottom of the computer because it cannot pump the air out and also the efficiency of the processor plate and its pump reduces. If you want to show the unique internal system of your PC, you can use tempered glass as your manufacturing, but after making your case with it. You have to install and handle the computer with complete care as its case is not made of too strong material. It may shatter when picked not carefully.

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The last and most crucial part is other peripherals outside the system. They are also important in running the different performances on the computer.


It is an essential component of the PC. Use by those on the computer is necessary for gamers, blog writers, and other article writers. There are two types of keyboards, membrane keyboards, and mechanical keyboards. The membrane keyboards sell on a large scale as they have a lower price and are also ordinary. The mechanical keyboards are high-quality. They have advanced features like anti-ghosting and the N-key rollover and are of excellent quality.

The switches of the mechanical keyboard are under each key of the keyboard. The primary type of it is linear Red which is available with muted red versions. When you press the brown key, it has a tactile bump that you can see while using it. Other color keys like blue have a spot and some sound when we press it, and a clicky sound you can hear from it, and this sound is loud.

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The mouse moves the screen’s cursor and clicks a specific point on the net using a pointer. The mouse has sensors under it that sense and decides the movement of the information on the screen. The direction depends upon the DPI under the device; the higher the DPI, the more sensitive the mouse and the pointer, then more easy and fast to move onto the screen. The standard mouse has a DPI up to 1200, and the one used for gaming has DPI up to 8000 or even more than that because, in gaming, you need a more smooth result. And the gaming mouse uses optical sensors for more advanced and accurate results.

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A monitor connects with the system with a display or HDMI port. And high-quality monitors have type-C ports. Monitor’s design can be in two shapes, either curved or flat. The standard monitor display is 1080p, but the 1440p display gives you more detail, so it’s becoming the first choice for gamers. Among the screen types, 4k is the best with the high resolution of videos, photos, and much more. The important thing for gamers is the refresh rate; the refresh rate for a 1080p resolution and 4k screen is 60 hertz, but for a 1440p increased resolution, the refresh rate is 120 or 144 hertz.

The display update can be twice as fast, and the minor difference may help you win a competitive online game from your opponent. NVIDIA G-sync or AMD Freesync, these features can reduce screen split. The other thing to focus on is the brightness of the screen, which should be more for a more precise result. Now the panel type can be IPS or In-plane Switching, with good color correctness and wide angle, and they should be known for their fast refresh rate. The Vertical Alignment or VA panels have improved colors, resolution, and refresh rate in curved and ultrawide gaming displays.

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How to build a PC?

Now it’s time to get your hands on building a PC by following the standard and essential steps.

Step 0: Preparation

Before starting the primary process, some necessary things are needed to prepare.


Caution: The pins on the mainboard are unsafe; careful before touching them, so they don’t get damaged.

Step 1: CPU Installation

Now it’s time to install the CPU on the PC.

CPU Installation

Caution: The little hazard can cause bending of the pins of the CPU, as they are highly fragile. Be careful while lifting the processor as the nails are non-modular, and this material is of a soft quality.

Step 2: Memory Installation

Now an essential factor, memory will install on the PC.

Note: The critical thing to count is the suggestion of the memory slots, where and when to put the place first and last. It shows differences in different motherboards.

As we take MSI motherboards as examples, there is a suggestion to put and fix the memory slot first into the Dimm1 place.

Step 3: M.2 Installation

Now install the M.2 slot in the PC

M.2 Installation

Tip: Some high-quality processors come with specific cooling systems for M.2 slots, for example, M.2 FORZA. You can pay attention to the manual processor for extra installment steps.

Step 4: CPU cooler Installation:

Now, a PC needs a necessary thing. To keep the items excellent CPU requires installment of the cooling system.

CPU cooler Installation

Caution: Apply a specific amount of thermal paste. A too large amount can cause the entrance into the socket. Lower amounts or large amounts will cause bad contact.

And the other thing to note is to make sure that the screws are correctly tightened and the pressure on the sides of the CPU is to avoid the destruction of the CPU and degradation of cooling performance.

Step 5: Motherboard Installation

It’s time to install the main central part of the computer.

Motherboard Installation

Note: To get rid of the awkward movements, don’t leave out the screws, as a strong mount will be very useful in securing the main board.

Step 6: Storage Installation

Install the essential factor of storage components in the PC.

Storage Installation

Precaution: Ensure to mount the drive secure and tight to reduce damage.

Step 7: Graphics Card Installation

To make the view and resolution of the screen clear, install graphics cards on your personal computer.

Graphics Card Installation

Precaution: Be careful before selecting the graphics card or the PC case, as some high-quality cards require more space to fix in the body of the computer. Select the perfect point according to the size of the graphics card.

Step 8: Power Supply Installation

A power supply must be inserted to make the computer work.

Power Supply Installation

Point to note: The essential thing is to select the required wattage for a power supply. You can use different tools to estimate the amount of power supply, such as the MSI calculator for power supply to calculate the power for your system. One should choose a power supply with less headroom to confirm further upgrades.

Step 9: Front Panel Connection and Cable Management

Cable management is an exciting task for manufacturing a computer.

Point to keep in mind: When you use a computer or laptop or any device like this, everyone wants more and more connections. So before buying one for you, make sure it has many USB ports on the circuit board. And ensure that the body you want to buy also supports as many USB ports as the circuit board has.

Step 10: Operation System Installation

The last and final step is to install an operating system that is the main point in your computer.

How to build the best PC for my needs?

What should I know to build a gaming PC?

What should I know to build a gaming PC

What Types of Games Do You Play

Every type of amusement adds different entertainments to their system. Such as, B games may pay attention to the graphics for more precise resolution. But on the other hand, the A game may have less attention to pictures and more to the great connection of the quality of the game. But to start building the computer, you should have the correct information about the requirements of the games. It will help to reduce spending a little or more on the computer.

Choose the right graphics card.

AMD and NVIDIA are the most famous manufacturing companies for graphics card units, renowned for making quality cards. In the brand of MSI motherboard, both types of cards are there. For NVIDIA, the latest 3000-series has many features and offers many more uses than the 2000-series. The latest important professional 30 series models are from RTX 3090Ti to RTX 3050. And for the AMD brand, technology has 6000-series cards; for enthusiastic people, there is RX 6950 XT to RX 6700 XT, and there is RX 6650 XT to RX 6400 at performance level.

It is essential to note the amount of VRAM on the card as it is necessary for your graphics card performance. The other important point to note is to have the best-quality cooling fans, which are more efficient and great cooling systems. Professional gaming requires 1440p resolution and 4k screening effects, and some games require up to 1080 p resolution power. The more the refresh rate of 144 hertz, the stronger the result will be than the standard refresh rate of 60 hertz. Some require more; some need less power to drive the game.

Decrease the loading time of games with an SSD

Mostly the games played on PCs are hard-core and require a lot of RAM, so the processing speed is a big problem for gamers worldwide. The internet speed and storage commonly create this issue in the PC. So, to answer the question of how to build a PC for beginners, it’s more important to increase your gaming experience by using SSD drives that offer you a high rate of speed while playing the game. It improves not only the game’s loading but also the system’s overall performance.

Choose the right motherboard.

Choose a circuit board that is good enough and provides you with further future upgrades to the system. For more enhancement in the experience of amusement, for voice commands, the latency should be low. The MSI official site is where you can discover the best motherboard that suits your gaming needs.

What should I know to build a streaming PC?

What should I know to build a streaming PC

Streaming PC adds fun to your gaming because while you play, you communicate with other people sitting in different corners of the world. Many YouTubers use them for their content, professional gaming, and work. They collaborate with other gamers and communicate with their audience while streaming, which adds more fun.

Gameplay and Streaming Quality

Every game’s usage or memory storage requires a little hardware. But when you talk about streaming while playing the game, it is vital to upgrade the needs of the hardware because now the little conditions are not good enough. Commonly for streaming, a PC with 1080p quality is outstanding for starting. CPU and GPU significantly impact the system’s working, especially when we talk about the workload.

Is your Internet fast enough?

Internet connection during streaming is the primary factor that plays an important role. The connection of 20Mb/s is enough for streaming. You can smoothly do streaming even by connecting the internet with your mobile phone, but it is only possible if you have muscular strength of signal surrounding your area.

Choose the right processor.

The effect of the CPU is on the live streaming setup and the game’s performance, so when you use a single monitoring system, ensure that your CPU is up to date. The result of streaming is due to an inappropriate motherboard. The technology world requires a great quality streaming system.

How to customize a unique PC?

Now everyone in the technology industry or anyone interested in gaming wants to have a system of their own choice. And it can be possible by creating and making one. But after that, every person wants their computer to look different and unique from others, and they customize some special design in their system. The most common and beautiful thing helping in this is RGB flashes of lightning.

How to customize a unique PC

Ways to customize a PC:

Start with the color scheme:

You might have noticed in the past few years that several manufacturers have chosen different color schemes. Choose matching components because they help you gain a persistent theme of colors throughout the rig.

Add RGB Lighting

Most people have PCs with RGB lighting equipped. Connecting RGB lights is such an easy process that you can do it by simply adding a LED strip, or it’s better to select those components that already have RGB lighting attached to them. You can get such an incredible lighting effect by simply mixing different lighting. Mystic light sync is such a fantastic thing that through this device, you can control the RGB device without any effort. You can have a refreshing lighting experience, which can happen by adjusting the mode settings through the easy process.

You can choose both sorts of lighting, whether the one with 12V power or the digital lights with 5V ability is also readily available. Nowadays, digital lighting is so advanced that you can customize or adjust it according to your needs. While looking for the question of how to build a PC for beginners, you can have excellent options. You can have micro control over lights along with more fine-grained control. Users will love to use their components and ARGB lighting experience on their PC.

How to Install RGB Device
Custom Water Cooling System

Although a custom water cooling system needs high skills, your rig is set apart from others. You can avoid tangling of pipes that are primarily found in AIO systems by having custom water cooling solutions.

Final Words

After writing every possible step of the article, we conclude that every action taken on how to build a PC for beginners is first held with total care. You should avoid any danger and carelessness. Note all the precautions and also tips to take before starting a step. You know more about building a PC. In short, you can create a perfect PC for yourself according to your requirements and needs. You can also buy a PC from the shop or online, but if you want everything of your type, it is necessary to build one using your skills. And the other most important thing which everyone should count on is passion.

The passion for building a perfect PC for your gaming setup and our heavy applications is necessary for this kind of work. When you have the knowledge and love of building a PC for yourself, you can set a system according to your requirements. Fix your condition’s graphics card, motherboard, and RAM according to your will. If we look at the PCs available online or on the markets, it’s better to build one for yourself; it enhances your knowledge and gives you more sense of the technology. And you will have the best possible computer which you have always dreamed of and everything in it of your own choice.

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