How to choose a Keyboard

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How to choose a Keyboard

A computer is a whole world, and each component has a significant place in this setup. While building a computer, you would need many components and peripherals that play substantial roles. Without any part, the system would not work as it should. There are many essential components besides the processor and motherboard, and you need to pay attention to them. That is why we are here to discuss how to choose keyboard that suits your needs. Why are we discussing this hardware part when the CPU and GPU are stealing all the limelight these days? Well, no matter what kind of tasks you perform on your PC, you can never deny the importance of a keyboard.

A keyboard is one of the crucial input devices of a computer system that lets you type anything in alphabets, symbols, or numbers. It has many buttons and keys that perform various functions and operations when you press them according to certain combinations. Be it any program you need to run or a game that requires dealing with directions, you would always need a keyboard. However, choosing the right keyboard is not as easy as it sounds. It would help if you considered the factors, so here we are to assist you. We have formed a complete guide for you to look into so that you can understand the peripheral better. Let’s indulge in the topic now!

Keyboard Switches

So how exactly does a keyboard work, and are all of them the same? This console is a unique one that has plenty of keys that we call switches. A keyboard helps you type important documents and perform many functions with those switches. However, all these switches are not the same, which is why they give a unique feel to the users when they touch them.

One must be very careful while choosing amongst the types of switches since any one of the types does not fit all sorts of users' needs. A particular switch may be the most comfortable for a user while for another, it may not be the best, or in the worst case scenario, the latter might not bear it at all. So you must know the basics of the switches.

The switches vary in many ways, such as the time they take to respond and the general feel you get when you press the key or the sound they produce. Amongst those many types, the following are the most common ones. The users tend to trust them the most as they tick more boxes than others. We will discuss the critical points about them and their shortcomings, so you may get the best knowledge before purchasing one.


Keyboards usually do not differ much in this aspect. Almost all of them share similar basic keys and vary in terms of special keys. The basic keys include the following:

Then we have the alphabet and numeric keys. The arrangement might differ depending on the type of product the user opts for, but the QWERTY layout is the most famous. As for the numeric keys could be in the top row or in a separate section to make it easier for the typer to find them.

The special keys, however, depend on the company that manufactures the particular item. They present some add-on features to the person who has opted for the board for the unique features. The special keys and customization options have caused the gamers to gush over them. These keys may include audio controlling buttons, pause buttons or sleep keys.


Ergonomics helps the users be comfy when they use the device. PC gamers or typists spend hours on their respective jobs that demand constant use of a keyboard. That might be rewarding, but the body suffers due to this workaholic routine. Muscle strain and fatigue have already become the norm for gamers. That is why the manufacturers nowadays make their products so that you can use them only in a specific way which is good for maintaining posture and muscle health. Some experts forbid using laptop keyboards as the design does not allow them to be as soothing as a separate ergonomic item. Companies even consider maintaining the feel of the keys as well as the height and angle. The ergonomics force the body to use the peripheral so that the wrists form a “V” shape.

Wireless vs. Wired

Now the most crucial thing regarding connectivity options is the presence or absence of a wire. People tend to have their preferences depending on their personal needs, so we cannot say which one of these types is better acclaimed. Wireless keyboards help the user to connect it to other devices without a cord, which is pretty impressive. The peripheral connects to others via radio frequency which we commonly know as RF. There can be various connectivity modes, such as WiFi or Bluetooth. Another advanced way is IR which is short for infrared technology and makes wireless peripherals work well. Out of all these options, Bluetooth keyboards are the grooviest these days.

You can sit comfortably anywhere you want to and play your favorite game, type a letter or do whatever pleases you; You do not have to worry about cleaning up the messy work of cable management. But why do people go after the wired ones? Well, the wired keyboards may not sound as voguish as their counterparts. However, they rule their kingdom. The wired peripherals have a better grip on some specifications, such as the response time. The rapid response and best-in-town build quality outweigh the wireless products, which usually don’t have admirable battery life. But it is up to the user if they are after comfort or speed.


PC gaming is the hobby and profession which has been in vogue for the past few decades, and the frenzy never seems to taper off or lessen. Gamers love going all out while upgrading their setups, so the brands produce specific gaming-centric items for them. The gaming keyboards might seem almost the same to someone who is not into PC building or gaming. However, gaming keyboards have distinct features that help gamers achieve more precise results. We will now quickly glance over some important points about a gaming-oriented item that you might be here to know.

The first thing to note is whether the wire is present or not. Some gamers opt for wireless connecting with a USB cord, while others use wired ones. Wired keyboards often serve longer than wireless ones as they have no battery issues, are sturdier, and avoid input lag. As for the switches, most of the time, the gaming peripherals come with mechanical controls. We have already talked about the mechanical switches and why they are preferable. They have add-on keys and dynamic lighting effects that give the product a flare. Plus, they are customizable and stable too.

Final Words

A keyboard is an integral PC peripheral that inputs whatever you press on its keys. So if you are a content creator or an enthusiast-space gamer, you owe your keyboard a lot. You might have gotten used to your old one, but now is the best time to upgrade this piece of hardware. By now, you must have jotted some points on how to choose keyboard, and if that’s so, we are glad that we could help you with this challenging task. Finding a suitable hardware component has never been an easy job, neither for professional PC builders nor for an amateur. It requires effort and research to avoid ending up in dismay.

However, if you know the basics of the product you have been looking for, it would be easier for you to choose. Many factors make a particular product better than the other, and while building a PC, you need to keep them in your mind. A reckless purchase might make you regret your decision, so use your wits and get the gear that suits your requirements the most. Prioritizing your writing style while opting for the switches would be best. The form factor of the component, the sound it produces, and the responsiveness cater to make something the best in class, so look out for these things and get the top-slot item.

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