How to install RAM

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How to install RAM

If you are worried about your computer speed and want to upgrade it, you must install the RAM; it’s the best way to boost your PC speed. By upgrading the RAM, you can increase your computer performance. Many of the latest computers come with updated memory speed, but if you want a new PC or want to improve the old one, you must check its RAM performance. In case of insufficient memory, you can install the large capacity RAM, but before rushing to installation, you need to know how to install RAM properly. When you do a lot of surfing on the internet browser, it impacts the PC speed and makes the system slow.

You can make your system faster by upgrading the hardware that is the memory upgradation. Now, software like Android Studio has its memory hogs, and when you start it on your system, it consumes memory and makes the system slow. Opening many browsers and working on different operations simultaneously also affect the speed. By upgrading your memory, you can save money and increase the system life. If you face many problems while working on a computer, like a screen hanging or cursor slowing down, you must decide on memory upgradation.

First, you must know what RAM is and learn how it works before installing it. It is a memory that stores data on it, and when the user needs it gives access and performs the action. Now the gamers want high-speed memory for their PC that never slows down their system during gaming. If you never use the browsers, 4 GB is enough, but if you use heavy software, you need 8 or 16 GB of memory. The end users are trying to focus on the 32 GB memory that makes their system work smooth and gives efficient performance.

Step 1: Consult your motherboard’s manual

When you decide to update your memory, you must check whether it is compatible with your motherboard or not. The market is full of different shapes, sizes, and speeds of RAM. You must check the RAM specifications first before buying it for your system. It is pretty easy to put out RAM at any place on the motherboard, but when the installation process comes, you never make any mistake at that place. You never become supercilious about placing the chip in the slot. The motherboards contain a different number of spaces, and some of the ones only allow little sticks to be put on them. While placing the chip, you must check that you fix it in the right slot; if you choose the wrong slit, it never works properly and gives better performance.

You must know how many memory sticks you must place on the motherboard. If you have two memory sticks, the motherboard with two slots is enough for you. But filling the other slot is not compulsory if you have only one stake. In the case of one stick, you should place it in slot one, not in slot 2. Some circuit boards have a memory limit that they support rather than the number of spaces. If you have four slots on the motherboard, you need to place the first memory stick in slot one and then the other in slot 2. But between slot one and slot 2, slot three is positioned, so you must take care of that, and after installing the RAM stick in labeled slot 3, install the last stick in slot 4, that place after slot 2.

Every motherboard slot placement is different, and you must check it first from the manual guide and then install the RAM sticks. It is on the motherboard how it can install RAM sticks and in which slot order. If you mistakenly mix up the slot order and install RAM sticks in the wrong order, your PC performs operations accurately. With the wrong order, you miss the optical performance and multi-channel capabilities. Most of the time, your PC never works accurately with the updated RAMs. So when you upgrade your memory and buy multiple memory sticks, try to put them in the same pairs.

Step 2: Open your RAM slots

We are discussing RAM installation, so let’s proceed to the next step when you know the RAM stick and how it installs on the motherboard. The RAM slot is on the circuit board and has two small clips at its sides. You do not need too much force on these clips because they never move too far. Only press these clips down to open it and then move the older RAM from one hand.

Step 3: Line up your RAM

You can insert the RAM sticks from one way because they are keyed and contain a gap between the connector. The best thing to do is to line up first your RAM sticks according to the RAM slots gap.

Step 4: Insert the RAM

After lining up the RAM stick, place it on the slot and press it down. You don’t need any extra force for it. Place equal pressure on the stick, and at last, you will lock the RAM into its place; when the bars close, it means your RAM is installed in your system.

Final Words

The pro gamers want the best memory speed for their system to play high-level games. This desire causes them to increase their memory speed by installing the new RAM on their PC. But the question appears on how to install RAM in a proper way to avoid damage or an unwanted experience. Don’t worry, and it is not a big deal. First, you must check the compatibility of RAM with your system. Then you must keep an eye on the slots in which you install sticks. You can turn your computer performance into optical performance by upgrading the RAM. Don’t worry about things; in the above article, we have mentioned the complete method of installation step by step. I hope that it will help you during your installation process.

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