How to record your screen?

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How to record your screen?

Screen recording is an easy way to capture your favorite or required content playing on your screen. You get multiple options to edit it further simply or professionally and share it on different platforms. You might need to record screens for various purposes like creating tutorials, making how-to videos, or other instructional videos. It might be in the form of helping someone to log into a website or exploring some features of any application. We can explain this stuff by writing a paragraph or an email, but taking a few screenshots of your screen or recording it can be more explanatory and understandable.

But everyone does not know how to capture a screen on windows, Mac, or Android phones. All these operating devices own a feature that allows you to record screens; therefore, you do not need dedicated software. But installing a specialized screen recording software is by no means a useless idea. Because this software and applications are developed mainly to support this feature, plus, they provide additional options like editing the screen recorded and making the sharing procedure much easier for you. But installing such an application can be scrupulous if you are not concerned with a dedicated, high-quality screen recording.

If you want to record a few moments or actions on your screen and save them, you can do it by using your device’s built-in screen recording feature. But to get longer, high-quality, and professional videos, third-party software is used, which we will discuss in the later section. So let us not beat around the bushes and answer the exciting question. What built-in tools in various devices like computer desktops, Mac, and Android help capture screen quickly? And which third-party software can we use to capture short and simple and long and professional screen recordings?

Windows Screen Recording Tools: Try the Pre-Built Software

The best news is that the latest windows, like Windows 10, have a built-in screen capturing tools that are just a few steps far from your path of getting your favorite actions and gameplay moments recorded. You can record your presentations at work or create simple learning tutorials for your Youtube channel. On Windows 10, the freely available screen recording unit is Xbox Game Bar. Although the tool is said to capture just games, nothing costs you if you catch something else using this platform. You can enjoy this feature through the pre-installed Xbox app on your respective windows setup. So there is no need to install any third-party software; with just a few clicks, your video is ready to astonish you. Let us discuss some of such tools in detail and know their working mode.

Record Your Gaming Screen:

Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is the default feature in Windows 10, which offers easy recording of your screen. The tool is considered dedicated to capturing advanced gameplays, but you are not bound to make limited use of it. You can also record many other applications with this tool. But some of the recordings are impossible with this, such as capturing Windows desktop and File Explorer. But how do you set things up? Let us find out.

OBS Studio:

This studio has a vast control panel supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. Using its controlling keys, you can initiate and terminate video recordings, control the microphone and system audio and record a view of screen activity. Though the recordings are obtained in Mp4 files, you can change its format and other settings like the FPS rate.

Microsoft Stream:

This tool helps you get screen recordings of short duration, maximum up to 15 minutes.

Free CAM:

Though it is an essential tool for recording screens, its features are good enough to meet most of your targeted needs. It delivers all the general functions like audio recording, editing, saving, direct sharing on youtube, and showing screen activity, but saves the clips in WMV format instead of MP4. To initiate recording, click the Record button, and press the ESC key on your keyboard to stop it.

Best MAC Screen Recording Tools:

Your MAC device comes with its screen recording utility, which is accessible with a few clicks. No hectic and demanding third-party applications can replace this simple and easy-going method. Get to your content of interest, like a web page or an application, and click Shift + Command + 5, and it will open your device’s screen capture tool. Now you can use this toolbar to capture the entire screen or just a segment.

How to Get Short and Quick Screen Recordings? The Best Tool to Use:

To create a rapid and short video recording, you can also use third-party software like Snagit. It would not take much of your time to make good-quality video clips and edit them. Using this tool, you can record short clips, save and trim them, and share them with others.

How to Get Professional Screen Recordings?

Recording large videos is not an easy task that you can perform with any video recording tool. You need a professional tool that handles all the complexities of editing them and develops a polished video for you. Camtasia is the tool that presents a complete video editing setup for your recordings. Some of the features this tool supports are outstanding, like focusing and zooming on the areas of interest, adding texts and titles, and highlighting the points your mouse clicks.

Final Words

Capturing a screen is an easy way to generate video clips for your presentation, youtube channel, or guide someone to do things correctly. Whatever device you hold in your hands, this feature is available in all of them. By following some simple steps, you can take screenshots and generate and edit clips that you can further share. Here in this post, we have described built-in methods of capturing a display. These methods are well equipped with outclass features and allow editing and sharing options. However, many third-party applications are also available which need installation and enabling.

If you are a professional person, using these applications can be helpful. You enjoy several controlling options on a single platform and do not need to switch to many applications for step-wise step procedures. Just recording the screen and sharing is not sufficient to meet the requirements of a job. Essential to excellent video editing is a mandatory option to make these recordings more appealing and impact-creating. Therefore, some top-notch software is widely used by people who fulfill the recording and editing requirements of the users.

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