Types of Keyboards You Must Know

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Types of Keyboards You Must Know

What is a Keyboard?

A keyboard is a portable peripheral device connected to the PC to deliver instructions and commands. This unit comes as wired or wireless, supported by wifi or Bluetooth. A keyboard consists of alphabets, numeric numbers, special characters, and symbols, individually separated from one another that help input data into a computer or laptop. We can classify keyboards based on desktop users' purposes into different types. Some purposely built keyboard examples are Qwerty Keyboards, virtual Keyboards, multimedia, flexible, and gaming keyboards. 

This equipment allows maximum comfort and easy access to all the areas. The key layout is made easily accessible and clickable to increase satisfaction. Although the click-clack achievable through a typewriter is not a keyboard feature, the comfort level while typing on the keyboard and feeling our fingers across it is still enjoyable. Moreover, many keyboard types work to add some class and convenience to your writing zone. Whatever the purpose, one must look over all these types and select a board suitable for the system. Even for typing outside your working area or fully bright room, backlit keyboards illuminate the keys so that users can quickly type even in dim light.

Uses of a Keyboard

A keyboard’s primary use is to input data of different types, such as typing letters and numbers and making special commands. Some instructions are easily achievable using a keyboard, even without a mouse. A keyboard owns function, escape, and control keys to perform some tasks of a mouse. Another shortcut key helps access data and files from the operating system without needing a mouse. Keyboards are now more advanced and flexible to fulfill different purposes. Touch screen boards are also available and liked the most by users. For gamers, gaming keyboards feature more options that support and facilitate high-end gaming. 

Types of a Keyboard

All the buyers have some aim while looking for a product like gamers need a board that can help them enjoy gaming more smoothly. You can see enormous types of keyboards based on technology, size, shape, and purpose. Some are more ergonomic, backlit, compact, and flexible, while others are fun-loving and handy. Let us discuss some of the best keyboards to understand their purpose and function.


When it comes to gaming, standard keyboards can help you play comfortably and have a good experience. But gaming keyboards are designed in ways to boost your gameplay and bring it to infinite height. If you want to increase the number of your wins and have a smooth experience with your favorite games, this board is just for your perfect gaming partner. You can spend long hours playing on your desktop with this gaming board. Its chic looks and structure are ideal for a great gaming setup. You get luxurious features such as formats, more resistant buttons, and a beautiful layout. 

Gaming involves multiple inputs and actions simultaneously, which are impossible with only a single device. Therefore, several gaming boards offer a built-in joystick which helps users have better control over movement in various axes and directions. The keyboard comes in colored lights, highlighting special commands, such as WASD keys. 

1: Qwerty Keyboard

In computers, the standard key layout is called Qwerty, and its name comes from the six alphabets placed in a row on the top left of a keyboard. This keyboard resembles the old typewriter layout and is the most common. It finds its best use in everyday typing and is considered ideal for this purpose because of the easy setup and comfortable keys. It is beginner-friendly, and people learning to type can start with this amazingly configured board. You can quickly adapt to this equipment and acquire a reasonable typing rate indicating the number of words you can write in a minute. 

2: Mechanical Keyboard

A bit demanding, highly important, and valuable keyboard, which requires you to put some effort into understanding how they work. Keyboard enthusiasts are always keen to have them, probably because of their benefits. Its keys are slightly bigger and directed outwards than other boards, like a typewriter. These keyboards are a must-have because of their responsiveness and durable construction. Where other boards use rubber to prevent keystrokes, this board uses springs, so whenever you press a key, it returns to its original position instantly when fingers are lifted.

3: Wired Keyboard

Wired keyboards are connected via a USB port and find their use effortlessly. They are connected to the computer by a cable with a USB plug at one end, so there is less risk of interference and battery life problems. Because of this direct connection, these boards are more reliable, safe, and convenient to use. Wired ones have lower latency and a bit faster performance than wireless keyboards. 

4: Ergonomic Keyboard

As the name describes, these keyboards are highly ergonomic. Their unique design helps enhance the aesthetics of a setup and reduces the pain in your body if you use them for more extended periods. Buttons and key layouts differ entirely from the standard one and are highly optimized for a comfortable posture. It divides the entire area into two portions, one for each hand, and thus ensures users do not face cramps or muscle pain, shoulder discomfort, or stress on fingers and hands. You can have an incredible experience while working with these boards and avoid the chances of pain and strain on your hands. 

5: Wireless Keyboard

This keyboard gives you good flexibility for enjoying your computer activities all day. So you can move freely with great freedom while working or playing games on your computer. No cable or port is needed to plug in these devices, as they rely on wireless mechanisms for linking to your computer. No need for wires means you can put them in your bag and carry them easily. They are usually connected to your system through Bluetooth, infrared, or radio waves. They require batteries for working as they do not have any source of power directly connected.

Compared to wired keyboards, this board is a bit pricier than wired keyboards, but the specifications make it worth spending. Wireless keyboards are durable, aesthetically attractive, and comfortable to use. It allows users to change their position while minimizing strain on wrists and fingers. 

6: Multimedia Keyboard

Multimedia keyboards are designed to support the functions a multimedia player performs. They are similar to typical keyboards except for an array of keys to control multimedia content. These include volume and mute keys, like play, stop, previous, next, rewind, and resume buttons. These dedicated keys carry out functions much faster than usual and bring more productivity to your work. Remember, its features target only a limited audience interested in watching movies, playing music, and editing videos, so others may find it different and challenging to use. 

7: USB Keyboard

This type of wireless keyboard does not rely on the internet or Bluetooth technology to build a connection to your system. To pair up this board with a computer or laptop, plug a small device called a dongle in one of the USB ports. This device builds a wireless connection for typing between your computer and the keyboard by transferring signals and data. 

8: Hand Keyboard

This unconventional keyboard falls under a different category. It comes in a small handy size but still accommodates all the basic keys to perform the standard functions. A lot of other keyboards on the market; why select this one? The answer lies in its added functionality and versatile nature. You can play your favorite games by pairing this board with your TV or computer. Even while walking on a treadmill, this device helps you type quickly. 

9: Flexible Keyboard

Flexible keyboards are portable and eye-catchy devices. Here flexibility means the unit can be folded or rolled into a compact place if you want to carry it during traveling. It will not occupy a considerable space in your backpack. The material used in it is silicone, rubber, and plastic, which is responsible for flexibility and helps the device stand out in appearance. Its functions are similar to introductory and Qwerty keyboards; however, some key configuration and layout change is present. You can have this board in wireless or USB form; it is available in both. 

Its ability to resist water dip and splashing, dust, and damage helps you carry it without concern or fear. Moreover, it works without generating any detectable noise and is a calm device. Their durability lasts longer, and their solid build makes them indestructible. 

10: Magic Keyboards

Magic keyboards are offered by Apple only and come in a wireless form. The power source to carry out its tasks is its built-in rechargeable battery. As they are not wired, the connection to the computer is secured automatically via Bluetooth. They are efficient and deliver a worthy product with Touch ID in return for the excellent budget you spend. These units are simple and sleek in their appearance, and the enhanced key layout features add to the beauty of your paired Apple device. You can use this accessory comfortably, getting precise and authentic typing in your working zone. 

11: Laptop Keyboard

Keyboards available in a laptop are called laptop keyboards and vary on all devices. Their layout and configuration vary significantly from basic keyboards and depend on the size of the laptop. So if you have been using a computer and typing on its keyboard, you may feel confused if you switch to a laptop keyboard. Some extra keys are present, whereas the size of the keys is decreased. Some of the buttons are removed in the typing area to reduce the size of the laptop, as users like tiny and compact devices compared to large and bulky ones.

These keys are more resistant to damage than standard keyboards and perform functions that include; increasing and decreasing volume, muting the device, controlling the screen’s brightness, turning on sleep and airplane mode, and multimedia control. Hence, this board delivers more control on a laptop without using a touchpad or mouse. Desktop keyboards are less pricey and deteriorate quickly. However, laptop boards are sturdy and quite expensive; therefore, you must take care of them regularly.

12: Backlit Keyboard

The backlit keyboard is just a wow device featuring both wireless and wired versions. As a laptop is a mobile device in nature, sometimes you don’t always use it in light. You may need to move out of your office or room and quickly get the necessary light for typing. This accessory delivers an incredible typing experience even in no light, as it has illuminated keys. So you can have maximum visibility for typing on your keyboard anywhere. Moreover, the bright radiance and colors spice up your gaming adventure if you play in a dim light room. Light underneath the buttons brightens all the numeric numbers and keys, making them easily readable and accessible. 

13: Laser Virtual Keyboard

This unit comes with the latest innovation in the world of keyboards and helps you eliminate the physical keyboards. It uses laser technology to create a virtual display of a keyboard on a flat screen. So there is no such physical board on which you press the keys; instead, you touch virtual keys, and your device’s camera or optical sensor reads your finger movement. These movements are then processed by computer software into performable actions. This virtual laser board has several advantages like no noise generation and more portability and accuracy than conventional boards. 

14: Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards come as pressure pads with symbols, letters, and numerics outlined on a surface. These pads are highly sensitive to pressure and offer tremendous flexibility in usage. No individually separated keys can be seen in this flat membrane deviPlastic-made keys rely on a rubber base and therefore need just a gentle touch creating a pleasing typing environment. Plastic-made keys rely on a rubber base and therefore need just a soft touch creating a pleasant typing environment. If you do not like the typing sound of a keyboard, this silicone rubber surface is the best option. This soft material used in manufacturing this device makes it highly affordable and, at the same time, easily prone to damage and deterioration. 

As keys are just printed and not explicitly separated from one another, typing could be inaccurate, and even while gaming, these boards may not deliver a durable experience. Membrane keyboards are not so popular despite their click-clack-free typing experience.

Final Words

A keyboard is a computer accessory and takes place among the most important input devices. In addition, they feature lighting underneath keys, extra purpose-built keys, multimedia control, keys to boosting gaming adventure, and some ergonomic, flexible models. Each board tries to reach a particular audience of varying passions and professions. The technology market is full of different keyboards competing to meet your needs, whether gaming, everyday use, comfortable typing, or something special you want.

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